With an unusual edge and a distinctive funk, South Florida’s Katie Steel is boldly proclaiming, “It’s my time!”

Steel confounds those who meet her. Her vivid hair – which often is a canvas of color as grabbing as her voice, introduces you to an unassuming and friendly demeanor. Yet, that demeanor fades away the moment her voice – made to fill a stadium, resonates. Steel is simply – a voice to be reckoned with.

Steel says she has a new level of passion about her singing career, a career that has producers across the country taking note. Steel’s retro soul and funk style has been incubating for the last two to three years, and is birthing energetic and insanely infectious songs that wonderfully blend with her soaring vocal range.
Steel, began singing at a very young age, atop her bedroom mattress. Now, this music powerhouse has graced stages from Miami to Indianapolis and New York to Los Angeles. Not bad for a little, brown-eyed diva who made her first public performance as a fifth grader singing an Ella Fitzgerald song. The fire and increasing passion Steel is releasing was ignited when she was introduced to the vocal styling of the incomparable Etta James, and the artistry of gospel and R & B music. Katie Steel’s voice wonderfully introduces those whose ears are longing for powerhouse, authentic and sincere talent to with a performer who is fiercely soulful, powerfully engaging, and as dynamic in voice and moves as Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

Her retro-soul style makes Steel a gem to enjoy; she is a certain vocal muse. However, her distinct sound made partnering with the right producers a task. It was task that would lead Steel and her team to Terrence “Tracksion” Rolle, Zorenzo Smith, DJ Blackout (Winston Thomas) and her brother Barry Cohen aka Gingerbread Productions. The late night jam sessions that followed birthed the bouncing, church clap reminiscent song, RAIN. Steel’s voice dances around every beat and every note, and is only surpassed by a climbing vocal range that is jaw dropping. RAIN is just the first of what is without doubt going to be years of buzzworthy releases from Steel. That is the type of vocal aerobics you’ll enjoy not only on RAIN, but also on her cover and remix of HOTLINE BLING.

When not singing, you’ll find Steel writing, or playing the guitar. Steel’s music influences include Jessie J, Beyonce, gospel artists Smokie Norful and Kim Burrell. Steel says when she sings she wants her voice to resonate within for years to come. “I want people to say, she has a soulful voice bigger than her body, yet she is humble and she is a professional who respects what she has.”