With an unusual edge and a distinctive funk, South Florida’s Katie Steel is boldly proclaiming, “It’s My Time!”

Steel confounds those who’ve met her. Her vivid hair – which often is a canvas of color as grabbing as her voice, introduces you to an unassuming and friendly demeanor. Yet, that demeanor fades away the moment her voice – made to fill stadium – makes its mind-blowing appearance. Steel is simply – a voice to be reckoned with.

Steel has an indescribable level of passion about music. A passion that has people across the country, taking note. Her retro soul and funk style has been incubating for the last few years, and is birthing energetic and insanely infectious songs that wonderfully blend with her soaring vocal range. She began singing at a very young age, atop her bedroom mattress. Now, this music powerhouse has graced the stages from Miami to Indianapolis and New York to Los Angeles. Steel says “My music is my heartbeat, the Studio is my safe haven and the Stage is my home.”